10th Communiqué from the Reza Shahabi Defence Committee


Reza Shahabi ended his hunger strike in response to the labour movement call


As of the evening of today, Thursday 22nd of December 2011, Reza Shahabi after 30 days of hunger strike accepted the appeal of plethora of workers, workers’ activists, trade unions and various organisations who have sent their messages to defence committee and announced that he ended his hunger strike today, 22nd of December 2011, at 5pm.


Reza announced that he ended his hunger in respect of all of those who have supported him by sending their solidarity messages and asking him to end his hunger strike through the defence committee. He said today “Although I wished to continue my strike to death, but due to all of your requests I have decided to end my hunger strike. Between my choice and labour movement, with the respect of all my supporters I changed my decision and accepted the latter.”


Reza’s Doctor announced that his health condition is critical and in addition to extreme weakness, he is also suffering from severe anaemia.


Shahabi’s family members also have stated that it is necessary that after 20 months of uncertainty, pressure, and physical and psychological pressures, the judicial authorities to take action immediately and release the incarcerated prisoner, Reza Shahabi.


Reza Shahabi’s Defence Committee with alarm to his critical condition wants to speed up the healing process and the judicial authorities to provide unconditional release of the jailed worker.


Reza Shahabi Defence Committee


 Thursday 22nd of December, 5pm





Translated and redistributed by IASWI